Swimming pool & garden

The rich vegetation protects the pool from prying eyes and the soft grass, on which you can walk barefoot, surrounds it.

The pool area is surrounded by a lush hydrangea bush with a thousand shades of pink and blue. In addition, there are white, yellow and coral lantana hedges. 

Near the pool there are, on the one hand, a solarium equipped with sunbeds and a Pergola on which intertwine Roses bloom again, on the other hand, a majestic specimen of Erythrina cristagalli which draws force from the waters of the pond turtle. Here the Mediterranean plants merge with Papyrus plants and banana trees, of tropical origin. 


Villa Tina greenery is vast and enveloping but does not disdain the openings of the elegant swimming pool and, in the distance, on the tranquil coastline. Centuries-old olive trees are held at a variety of lemons, oranges, tangerines, Grapefruits, mapo and bergamot, which in turn, between October and March, go to mature into an explosion of colours and scents. 

Typical Mediterranean bushes of lavender, helichrysum, sage, rosemary, Pittosporum, aloes, agaves, Laurel, Cycas and Strelitzia are well acclimated to the temperatures of Santa Maria and the Cilento Park.

The boundaries of Villa Tina are bordered by a large vineyard which yields a refined yet full-bodied red wine, with an intense aroma, combined with important foods.



If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Via delle Tre Pigne – 84048 Santa Maria di Castellabate (SA)  •  Tel. +39 334 793 9448  • villatina.eu@gmail.com

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