castellabate, the borgo

Castellabate is a picturesque and quiet medieval village, located on the gentle hills between Paestum and Velia, in the heart of the Cilento National Park. Time seems to have come a standstill in Castellabate, made of ancient walls and houses, cobbled lanes and stone stairs leading to the majestic 12th century Castle of the Abbot and to the viewpoint from where you can admire the Gulf of Policastro – from Punta Tresino cape to Licosa island – and romantic sunsets that fascinate visitors from all over the world.

Castellabate is divided in few villages: Santa Maria, San Marco, Ogliastro Marina and Lago. Santa Maria is the most important one, with a 12th century ancient area just a few steps from the port of “Le Gatte”, with a shopping street called “Corso” by the residents, and with crystal clear sea touching the fine sandy beaches.

San Marco is a lively fishing village. Since its origins, its old port was a safe harbour for Roman ships, as proved by archeological findings.

In Ogliastro rare flora and fauna grows so that visitors can get back in touch with nature. It is also known for its beaches where a loggerhead sea turtle laid the eggs.

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